To comply with regional accreditation rules, which your college requires for transfer, courses which go towards a two or four year degree must have a proctored final. This is easily done from any city in the U.S. (See International testing locations below.) The final can be taken at any college testing center or Sylvan Learning Center. Most of our students have a home college where they take the proctored final.
Find a testing location near your home:
First, check to see if we have already approved a testing center near you by going to our testing center locator. This database only contains locations where we have had previous students take finals. These locations are already preapproved, so if you find a location in this database it saves time. If you can't find a testing center using our testing center locator, then another college testing center or Sylvan Learning Center needs to be located. One of these three options below will help you find a testing center near you:

  1. Take the final at your home college, or locate a college near you. Go to your nearest (or home) college's testing center. They may have a large testing center, or they may proctor exams at the assessment office. If the college testing center charges a proctoring fee, the student is responsible for this fee.

  2. See if you can find a college testing center near you in the University of Maryland's list of alternative college testing centers. Scroll down a bit, and find your state. Make sure you find one which says 'CBT', as our most of our finals are computer-based tests. If there is a college on the list near you that says 'PBT', call them and see if they now are able to do computer-based tests. (Note: Many of the upper level math classes are paper based exams. Some of these courses include, but are not limited to Abstract Algebra, Number Theory & Real Analysis. Please call the office if need to know about a specific course.) If the college testing center charges a proctoring fee, the student is responsible for this fee.

  3. Take the final at a Sylvan Learning Center. ( )
    Insert your zip code into the Sylvan Learning's web site and it will find three locations nearest your home. Sylvan's do charge a fee for their testing service and testing fees vary per location, so call a couple of locations and ask for pricing ahead of time. Some charge a flat fee of $20, while others charge $50 per hour. Therefore, it is important to determine ahead of time if you agree with their fee.

When you have decided on a testing location, please send the following information, and we will get the new location set up:
Name of college or Sylvan Learning center
Name of proctor, phone, email address, zip code
Web site's URL if possible.

Proctored finals are generally taken inside the USA. However, we have started to approve International testing sites outside the United States. Military personnel can take the final on most any base around the world. Please contact us. It is your responsibility to make sure you have preapproval for an outside testing site before you enroll. If you enroll while in the U.S., and then have to go out of the country for awhile, your account can be put on hold until you are able to come back to the USA and take the final.